Administration Website

License Management for Existing Users

Users of Hero Lab Classic, Army Builder V3, and Card Vault can manage their product licenses below. Unless activating a license manually or retrieving lost license numbers, please start by logging in with your license number and password (email address).

NOTE! Army Builder V2.x users must utilize the alternate site to manage their licenses.


Login With Your License  (Required to manage a specific license)


Extend or Renew Your License

Purchase Optional Data Packages for License

Purchase Additional Secondary Licenses


Obtain a Secondary License

Update Your Email Address   (Keeps your password updated and ensures retrieval of lost licenses)

View Your License Details

View All Linked Licenses

Review License Terms & Conditions


Send My Licenses to Me  (Useful when you've lost your license numbers)


Setup Connection to User Account   (Allows viewing of retained personal information)


Activate a Product License Manually  (For when your computer lacks direct internet access)


Update Management for Data File Authors

Promotion Management for Affiliates

For assistance, or if you do not have your login information, please contact technical support.

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