Manual Product Licensing

Before you can manually license a product, you must first generate the license information file from within the product. This is accomplished via the following steps:

  1. From within the product, go to the 'License' menu and select the 'Manual License Install' option.
  2. Follow the instructions presented by the wizard, entering the appropriate information.
  3. Save the license information file created by the wizard for use below.
  4. If you need to transfer the file between computers, you can do so by copying it onto a diskette or other medium.

After you have the license information file, you can submit it via the form below. Once processed, you will receive a link to download the key file that will unlock the product. Download the key file and copy it into the directory where the product is installed (the same place where you obtained the license information file). When you next launch the product, it should be unlocked.

Specify License Information File
Upload File:
Specify the license information file on your local computer. The file will be uploaded to the server and processed. If successful, a key file will be returned that will unlock the product.

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